The two out of the case, Ellis's two RBI hits will be the advantages of Dodge expanded to 4: 1, Harvey also finished the game after the exit. On the contrary Liu Xianzhen in addition to the first game lost 1 points, immediately entered the state, not to speed the ball he changed the ball speed confused rival. After the vote in the 7 Board Ben Revere Jersey, Liu Xianzhen to win the identity of candidates to exit. Although the Metropolis in the ninth half of the first half to regain 1 point, but Dodge is still 4: 2 victory over rivals, Liu Xianzhen season 12 wins throwing bag, the total score is excellent 12 wins and 3 losses Los Angeles Angels Jerseys T Shirts, defensive rate fell to 2.91. Compared to the metropolis of the triumph, has almost certainly missed the playoffs of the metropolitan area also began to protect Harvey and reduce the number of bowling discussion, according to the current efficiency, has cast 165.2 Board of Harvey's pitching field will be Look at the 230 Board, Metropolis would like to control his vote in the number of 220 below. Dodge, Liu Xianzhen in the last four games lost points are not more than 2 points, and in his recent starting nine games, the team made a victory, he seems to have become a winning machine, his winning percentage Bacheng, is also the best results of the League of Nations. After the last series of three consecutive blasted goodbye home run swept, the distance between the cavalry and the athlete has been reduced to 4 games Vicente Campos Jersey, the war is a May because of the weather because of the delay of the game, Daibi repair against the rattlesnake staged career first starting Spruul. The game is also the first half of the career milestone in the first 50 field starting, and at home Arlington Dabi repair this war state is very good Martin Maldonado Jersey, four suture speed ball speed can reach 97 miles, and the ball ball Road is also sharp, the use of these two kinds of ball with, in the first two bureau he used to make all the trumpet out of the number. The second half of the second game, the rider attacker Pinsky's spring gun to help the team made a 1: 0 lead.