The game Riviano completely suppressed the Cardinals line, the first eight games of the Cardinals did not get any points until the ninth half of the second half out of the time, Belchuan suicide to let them break the eggs Scored 1 point. But Riviero soon let Craig hit flat fly ball out to a finish to end the team's four-game losing streak Henry Owens Jersey, the gap between the two teams will be widened again to 3 games. This season's light pitcher Cobb has a great momentum, in the June 15 before his score is 6 wins and 2 losses, the defense rate of only 3.01. However, in the baseball world, nothing can be expected, on his way to the excellent pitcher, in the June 15 game against the royal family, he was a flat fly hit the head Jim Rice Jersey, seriously injured end, also entered The list of brain concussion. In the history of the big league there is no shortage of genius pitchers in the flat flying ball hit the head and then can not find the original self-confidence example, the former Indian pitcher Heske Cole in the first two seasons of his career made 36 games Wins and 508 times, but in his third season he was a flat flying ball hit the head, they can no longer return to the first two seasons brave. In his five years after, a total of only 17 wins, at the age of 29 to leave the big league. In this week earlier this week to win the career of 1000 victory over the Philadelphia coach Manuel or lost his handsome, this season, Philadelphia suffered a rare injury, ace Halle Dai seriously injured, the main gun Howard (microblogging) also hurt In the body Blake Swihart Jersey, the team so far the record is bad 53 wins and 67 defeats Joe Kelly Jersey, in the previous 24 games lost 20 games, apparently to be responsible for not the players or managers, but their meritorious coach Manuel. Mannu has a decisive influence on the city of Philadelphia, won the World Series in 2008, again in 2009 to reach the World Series gave the team a glorious history, people originally guess the Philadelphia people should not In the middle of the season suddenly dismissed this a coach, but they still choose to do so.