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The two out of the case

Le 12 April 2017, 04:17 dans Humeurs 0

The two out of the case, Ellis's two RBI hits will be the advantages of Dodge expanded to 4: 1, Harvey also finished the game after the exit. On the contrary Liu Xianzhen in addition to the first game lost 1 points, immediately entered the state, not to speed the ball he changed the ball speed confused rival. After the vote in the 7 Board Ben Revere Jersey, Liu Xianzhen to win the identity of candidates to exit. Although the Metropolis in the ninth half of the first half to regain 1 point, but Dodge is still 4: 2 victory over rivals, Liu Xianzhen season 12 wins throwing bag, the total score is excellent 12 wins and 3 losses Los Angeles Angels Jerseys T Shirts, defensive rate fell to 2.91. Compared to the metropolis of the triumph, has almost certainly missed the playoffs of the metropolitan area also began to protect Harvey and reduce the number of bowling discussion, according to the current efficiency, has cast 165.2 Board of Harvey's pitching field will be Look at the 230 Board, Metropolis would like to control his vote in the number of 220 below. Dodge, Liu Xianzhen in the last four games lost points are not more than 2 points, and in his recent starting nine games, the team made a victory, he seems to have become a winning machine, his winning percentage Bacheng, is also the best results of the League of Nations. After the last series of three consecutive blasted goodbye home run swept, the distance between the cavalry and the athlete has been reduced to 4 games Vicente Campos Jersey, the war is a May because of the weather because of the delay of the game, Daibi repair against the rattlesnake staged career first starting Spruul. The game is also the first half of the career milestone in the first 50 field starting, and at home Arlington Dabi repair this war state is very good Martin Maldonado Jersey, four suture speed ball speed can reach 97 miles, and the ball ball Road is also sharp, the use of these two kinds of ball with, in the first two bureau he used to make all the trumpet out of the number. The second half of the second game, the rider attacker Pinsky's spring gun to help the team made a 1: 0 lead.

Midland's West can be said that

Le 12 April 2017, 04:17 dans Humeurs 0

Midland's West can be said that the current war is the most tight of a partition, the first ranger and the second movement between the gap between only 1.5 wins only. The left hand of the war cavalry Dutch face sailor Japanese strong cast rock Kuma Jiuzhi, for the rangers is not a game can easily win. Sure enough, the game was very stalemate at the beginning, the fourth inning the second half, Pinsky first rely on a RBI strike to get 1: 0 lead. In the payment of the 7 Board without losing points Jesse Chavez Jersey, only hit the two hits of the wonderful performance Jefry Marte Jersey, the Rangers to the left of the Netherlands to vote as a candidate for the exit, but their leading edge is only 1 point only. Ikuma Kawasaki side in addition to Pineyski that a banding and hitting, but also not too many mistakes, cast a 7 Bureau 1 lost 8 strikeout of the wonderful performance. Siegel's spring guns narrowed the score to 3: 5, and that was their last blow to Peres. In the subsequent game, recently played an excellent Perez back to the state, blocked the sailor's line, no longer let opponents have the opportunity to counterattack, he also cast 7 games lost 3 points high-quality starting exit , Than the next vote 5 Board out of 5 points of the race name Hullandes. But this is just the beginning of the attack this feast, the seventh game of the second half Cui Cui's two RBI second base to expand the score to 7: 2, eighth in the second half, they again hit six hits Plus the opponent's a mistake with 8 points, locked the 15: 3 lead, and ultimately to 12 points advantage to win, with the athletes lose, the rangers will be widened with the opponent again to 1.5 games. Sailors, their ace Hernandez is also the defense rate was temporarily Kuroda tree over Keynan Middleton Jersey, ranked second in the United States. This Friday's series is Rodriguez's first game back to the home Yankee Arena after the Miami Doping Spam broke out. The first game on Friday will be booed and applauded when he debuts , There are still a lot of fans holding Rodriguez No. 13 jersey and encourage slogans, which is one of the few games this season, Yankees arena sold all the light one of the game. However, Rodriguez's performance is very bad, not only three times the vibration of the three times, has not hit the hits, in his last time out, the audience has basically booed. Saturday's second game, coach Gilardi put a Rodriguez a fake, until today he was the second time this season in the home game opportunities Ryan LaMarre Jersey. In the face of Yankee veteran Petit, the first half of the first half, a third base was a person out of the case, Field's RBI hits for the tiger made a 1-0 lead. In Martinez (microblogging) hit the horn after the formation of full base, the Pittite hit each other to play a double fight to resolve the crisis.

But this is not a good friend

Le 12 April 2017, 04:17 dans Humeurs 0

But this is not a good friend of Lenny is a lot of partner credit, good partner can not explain all, but in the comparison of the two, it is clear that in leading partner forward Babe Ruth Jersey, Matthews to do More harder. Sliding: Matthews and Lenny are not the league's top glider, although in recent months, Lenny in this area progress is obvious, but Matthews is still a little better Dustin Pedroia Jersey. And the taxi is indeed the most important player the most basic technology. The second quarter began only 2 minutes and 32 seconds, the use of more opportunities to suppress the capital of the capital team, the first card back Brent Burns received a return pass Thornton, in a long distance to play a beautiful shaking Wrist shot Deven Marrero Jersey, the shark captain of the shark captain Joe Pavelsky out of the two leaders of the defender of the defensive precision relay, Hortby was not affected by the sight of the ball to make judgments Roenis Elias Jersey, the ball from his legs The gap into the goal, 2: 1 shark overtake the score. The game, the continuous battle of the penguin team sent the replacement goalkeeper Mark - Andre Fulai Rui, while the oil is still sent the main cast ? Talbot. The first 5 minutes, Milan Ricky's shot hit the post, but after 30 seconds, the state of the Pittsburgh Penguin's three groups of center Nick Bonino for the penguin first under the city, the first defender Justin Schultz far But when the ball came to the ground in front of the oil in front of the chaos, Colin Wilson took the ball around the goal, he returned to the door, the horse rushed to the Bo Nino in the oil defender team came before the reaction came out, 1: 0.

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